Language focus is my strength:

I translate exclusively from German into British English since I believe only a native speaker can do the job with accuracy and subtlety.

Two decades and counting:

Two enthusiastic decades working in the business and living in Germany mean I have the experience and cultural sensitivity to understand and convey your message appropriately and effectively to the target audience.

Beyond mere accuracy:

I know the difference between translating words and transmitting meaning. My well-honed sense of language usage, idiom and nuance means you get more than a one-to-one translation. I guarantee an expressive text, written in real English.

Always up for a challenge:

Dinosaurs? Development policy? Dadaism? Whatever the topic, I will do the research needed to make your translation 100 percent correct and 100 percent credible. My willingness to dig deeper means added value for you.

No broken promises:

Some agencies offer the moon – but can they deliver? I take my business seriously and only take on your assignment if I feel qualified to handle the subject and can honour your deadline.

Never walk alone:

I do each translation individually, but I'm fortunate to have a close cohort of language professionals – linguists, editors and translators – to consult on tricky or troublesome issues. If required, translations are back-read by another native English speaker, providing that all-important 'extra' pair of eyes.

Always a value:

Low overheads are good for me, and they're good for my clients. My prices are professional, but reasonable.

Go straight to the top:

At my office, you deal with the boss – me – on issues from pricing to deadlines to billing. There are no long waits, no bothersome bureaucratic processes.

Additional services:

I also offer proofreading and editing services, checking the accuracy of translations produced by other translators, and correcting English copy for spelling, grammar, punctuation and inconsistencies prior to publication.